How does it work and how to get started?


Quick start

  1. Tap on the “Get FREEBIE” button
  2. We will redirect you directly to the partner’s website
  3. Read the information, submit the form and that’s it!
  4. Wait by the mailbox
    • (…you don’t have to all the time – although we understand that you’re looking forward to it :-D)
  5. Enjoy your product to the fullest!
  6. If you like the product, you can order it next time by tapping “Where to buy” (or “Buy on Amazon” or similar)

If you haven’t already

  • Install the app (just 1 MB) and turn on notifications
  • Subscribe to our newsletter by email!
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  • Send us your feedback (if you don’t like something)
  • Write us a review (if you like something)
  • Share free stuff with your friends! Don’t you think they will like it?

Keep going! Test, try and order! For free!

In more detail

Choose a freebie and tap on the “Get FREEBIE” (or its variation) button.

We will redirect you directly to the website of the seller, the sender of the freebie. Then you are “in the hands” of the partner website, which is responsible for sending the shipment to you.

Individual companies may impose additional conditions on obtaining a free item, such as “Like” on Facebook or participating in a contest before you complete the submission form.

We recommend that you carefully read all information on the website, the terms and conditions and other documents before proceeding. Despite the fact that we try to thoroughly check each link, the Sky Freebies portal does not bear any responsibility for actions outside our portal.

FYI, Sky Freebies never sells your data to any third parties without your consent, but we no longer have control over the data you pass on to these third parties.

For even greater convenience, we present all the basic conditions and the procedure for ordering always for each item. However, if the offer provider’s terms and conditions change in any way, we are unable to modify our instructions immediately, even if we respond quickly and update our links regularly.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you like the product and are looking for a way to order it, you will usually find the link “Where to buy” (or “Buy on Amazon” or similar) in addition to the link to get the item for free. It’s the best way to buy things safely while saving. We will refer you to the same thing you have already tried and to a place where we believe you will get it the cheapest!

How is it possible that it’s free?

Yes. Really free.

About marketing

From time to time, companies offer a free sample of their products as part of marketing campaigns.

They give away products in an effort to convince us that their product is the best. Whether it’s a free sample or a contest, brands believe you’ll buy their product because you’ve heard of it or tried it. First, the company will increase brand awareness, and second, according to verified studies, there is a really high chance that you will buy their product again. A customer prefers to choose a proven product and is much more likely to choose that one than others.

Customers reach for a brand they trust, and by trying the product, they know its quality.

Who pays us?

We are really glad that you found Sky Freebies and that we can welcome you on our portal. We have a whole page about us where you can read more information and who we really are. Are you interested in what we do as a portal?

Like all people, our time and effort with web administration costs money. We also have to pay the costs of hosting, developing and keeping the portal in good condition.

We take care not only of your safety by verifying all links, but also by selecting and adding quality and valuable content. We update almost every day. We are looking for stuff on the Internet for you that are hard to find for free and we have a lot of tips from you or our partners.

We want to build a trusted and open platform for everyone. A place where you will return for new products for free. And also where you can buy them afterwards. 

Companies will pay us a small commission for this when you click on our link and order the goods. Whether for free or for the full price with the “Ad” button.

We use special links called affiliate links, which do not cost you, as a customer, anything and you always get the most value.

But here’s the important part – we love to share free stuff on our portal, whether it makes us money or not. Our main goal is to help you save money and get something for free!

We don’t hide anything, and we value honest answers, just like you.

How do I turn on notifications for new freebies?

Make sure you

Install the app

And then allow notifications.

-> the Sky Freebies app (Just 1MB).

The app is installed but no notifications are coming?

Reinstate notifications by clicking the button below ->

Still not receiving notifications?

Select your device and try to troubleshoot in more depth ->

Subscribe to the newsletter

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About your personal data

Just to be clear…

Your data is yours

Sky Freebies never sells your data to any third parties without your explicit consent.

For example, when you submit our contact form, we only use your name and email address to communicate with you about this matter and in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

If you send us feedback or a review, we may publish your name along with the text on our Wall of Love, but we never publish your email address.

When applying for freebies

However, when you click on an external link on the Sky Freebies portal, for example to claim your freebies, we no longer have control over the data you provide to third parties and the privacy policies of those parties apply.

Keep your email address private

You may want to protect your private email address and get a Sky Freebies Address. This service hides your real email address but forwards all your emails to you. By entering your Sky Freebies Address instead of your personal address on third-party sites, you can protect your privacy to some extent. If you are interested, please drop us a message and we will send you more information.

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