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Free .uwlt Web3 Domain Name

Mobile phone with web3 domain name

Sky Freebies is giving away 10,000 free web3 .uwlt (You Will Love This) domain names. Absolutely free and forever!

Handshake domains are based on a decentralized blockchain and represent the future of domain registration. Compared to traditional domains, Handshake domains cannot be censored and you own them forever. You can build a website on this domain or you can start by simply redirecting to your current website. You will thus take a real step into the future!

Major browser support is coming soon, and currently Handshake web3 domains cannot be resolved in Chrome or Safari, so you will need a small piece of software – a DNS resolver. Fingertip is the best for PC and Beacon is a privacy-focused browser for mobile.

You can rent a Handshake domain from Namecheap, one of the largest domain registrars, or get one for free from Sky Freebies!

This is a limited time offer for the first 10,000 applicants to get their Handshake second-level domain name free forever. Domain name subject to availability. Hurry up before it is too late!

To get a Handshake domain, follow these steps:

1. Tap “Get FREE”.

2. On the next page, if you haven’t already done so, install our app and subscribe to our newsletter!

3. Register your account at Namebase – the domain registrar where you will get your new domain name.

4. Send us your preferred domain name by filling out the form and you will receive your domain name in your Namebase account within 10 business days. Please make sure the email address entered matches the one you registered with Namebase.

You can get more information about Handshake on Namebase with example use cases. Webia also offers a free Handshake domain name when you order a WordPress website.


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